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Book Review: Hunted - Caro Savage

Hunted by Caro Savage is a chilling, fast paced thriller following Detective Constable Bailey Morgan as she tries to catch the killer who is targeting her. It's the first book I've read by Caro Savage, and I found it to be a well written gripping read, that I couldn't put down. Book Blurb Someone is out to murder Detective Constable Bailey Morgan before she can testify in an upcoming trial. Using her undercover skills, Bailey embarks on a dangerous mission to help the police catch this elusive killer before it’s too late. But it won’t be easy for she’s up against a cunning and ruthless adversary who will stop at nothing to eliminate her. A tense game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to a shocking revelation at the heart of which lies the key to Bailey’s survival. Purchase Link -   Author Bio  Caro Savage knows all about bestselling thrillers having worked as a Waterstones bookseller for 12 years in a previous life. Now taking up the challenge persona