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Book Review: Remember Me? - Amanda Rigby

  Remember Me? Is the chilling debut psychological thriller from Amanda Rigby. Paul has a happy life with a new girlfriend and a baby on the way. Ex-fiance Nicole is nothing but a faded memory. He's moved on. After all, Nicole is dead. Isn't she? This is a gripping page turner full of suspense and twists which kept me on the edge of my seat. I read it in a weekend as I was so eager to find out what happened! Enthralling, traumatised characters, with obsessive and destructive behaviours, and a fantastic mystery, make this a superb read, which you won't want to miss. Book Blurb A perfect life... Paul Henderson leads a normal life. A deputy headteacher at a good school, a loving relationship with girlfriend Jenna, and a baby on the way. Everything seems perfect. A shocking message... Until Paul receives a message from his ex-fiance Nicole. Beautiful, ambitious and fierce, Nicole is everything Jenna is not. And now it seems Nicole is back, and she has a score to settle with Pau

The Perfect Daughter Three Weeks On

Can you believe it's been three weeks since my debut; 'The Perfect Daughter', was published? To me, it only feels like a couple of days, but then so much has been happening recently that the days seem to have blurred together in one long, wonderful, but hectic dream. On Tuesday 19th of October, I celebrated with a Facebook live launch party. It was initially a surreal feeling, talking to my own reflection and wondering if anyone else was there. Thankfully it was a wonderful group, who were all busy typing away in the comments section, so I didn't feel lonely for long. Thank you to every one who attended, I hope you enjoyed the evening filled with book talk, Prosecco and chocolates. I certainly did!  If you missed the party, you can catch the recording on my facebook page. And if you're quick, I have a few party packs left, they are available with a purchase of a signed copy of The Perfect Daughter (message me for details). I’m so grateful to all the fantastic book b