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A Dream, A Trophy And A New Beginning

In June 2018 I received an email which would change my life. It was from Katie Fforde . It's not every day you receive an email from a world renowned best selling author. Especially one that tells you Katie has chosen you as a recipient of her 2019 Katie Fforde Bursary. As Katie puts it, she remembers what it was like to be a ‘nearly there’ writer, and the bursary is her way of encouraging and supporting unpublished writers. I read the email in total shock and amazement. And then I reread it. Several times. I mean, not only did Katie Fforde know my name, she was offering me an incredible bursary. Just a glance at the list of previous recipients reinforced the magnitude and huge honour it was to be invited to add my name to this list: 2002 Sue Moorcroft 2003 Caroline Pread 2004 Linda Michelmore 2005 Elizabeth Beacon 2006 Pia Fenton 2007 June Moore 2008 Henrietta Gyland 2009 Kate Thomson 2010 Brigid Coady 2011 Susan Alison 2012 Katie Carr 2013 Jo Thomas 2014 Janie Millman 2015 Cather